Why monitor your blood pressure at home? Blood Sugar Stabilizer ReviewSimple, because completing this simple, painless task every day can save your life.

For most of us, our annual checkup at the doctor's office begins the same way. The nurse first weighs us and records the results. Next, the nurse takes our blood pressure reading and temperature. All this information is gathered and made available to the doctor before he or she comes in to examine us.

Why? Because these are vital signs that tell the doctor a great deal about the state of our health even before further examination. If they matter to the doctor, they should matter to us as well.

Just as you don't wait all year to find out how much you weigh, you should not accept ignorance of your blood pressure numbers until you see the doctor. If you have ever been told by the doctor that you have prehypertension or hypertension during your checkup, it is even more important that you monitor your blood pressure at home.

Why? If you have prehypertension, and you are not monitoring it at home, it could be escalating without your knowledge. You could be missing an invaluable opportunity to make basic changes that would prevent your blood pressure from climbing into a full-blown state of hypertension. The stakes are high. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, heart attack, stroke, kidney diseases, complete incapacitation, and even death.


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