The Success Mindset | Decision

Although I strive to be positive most of the time, Quantum Code ReviewI am NOT a naturally optimistic person, nor am I a negative person. I think I am like most people. I believe the word that best describes me is reasonable. In fact, optimism is not something that comes naturally to many of us. The reality is, because of all the burdens and pressures of life, people have to decide to become optimistic OR they need to see an over-abundance of good things happen in the present moment to remain optimistic. So, in order to be optimistic about life, it really does come down to the simple choice of what we will focus on.

We can choose to focus on the burdens, or we can choose to focus on goals, blessings, aspirations, or any other positive aspect of our lives.

Motivational teacher Tony Robbins said, "More than anything else, I believe it is our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny." I could not agree more with him. There is great power in deciding what we will and will not do with the brief and precious moments of our lives. The problem with so many people is that they know what they want (or think they do) but rarely make the decision to take meaningful actionto make their dreams a reality. Others make the wrong decisions because they buy the hype without conducting appropriate research.Most people seemingly choose to focus on the burdens. This practice can be devastating to our attitudes of success when we launch out to do anything new in our lives.

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