Female hormonal hair loss is an unfortunate disease that seems to happen when we suffer from a deficiency, when women have a baby or are breast feeding. Hemorrhoid No More System ReviewThis may occur because of a deficiency of vitamin B7. Sometimes it happens when you age, or when you go through a hormonal imbalance during menopause.

The fact that our hair is thinning and we may look old is embarrassing, to say the least. But do not despair, all is not lost. Most cases where the hair is thinning can be treated. There is a solution with Provillus natural hair regrowth remedy. It has been tested and proved to bring better results than other natural remedies on the market.

Provillus is available to both men and women, although they have a different formula for each sex. The womens formula contains both natural ingredients and also a topically applied solution containing minoxidil, a vasodilator that improves circulation to the follicles. Other nutrients that are beneficial are vitamin B6 and magnesium.

The womens formula seems to work better when it combines increased nutrient intake with a topically applied solution containing the minoxidil to improve circulation.

Now vitamin B7 or biotin as it is also known as, is sometimes supplied as both a shampoo and a supplement. Now, vitamin B7 is not very well absorbed by the skin, so it is doubtful that that will work well. However taking a supplement of the vitamin B7 helps, supplement are often recommended for adults and children, because hair loss is one of the symptoms of vitamin B7 deficiency.


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